Why does Yahoo keep changing the return JSON structure without notice? This is completely unacceptable, if you are going to offer a service that is ultimately used by millions of people, you should learn the proper way to inform users of changes to your software. Within the past few days, 'Results' under 'ResultSet' has changed from 'Result' and not an array for a single result, back to 'Results', which is always an array. I believe as a loyal user who will be spending money on BOSS Placefinder that I deserve an explanation.

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    We got burned by this too. I thought the change was permanent so I modified the code to accommodate it, only to find out it went back to the old way. Do I need to prepare for both formats now?  Come on Yahoo, at least publish something ahead of time. 
  • As we've said on another thread, this was an unintentional change.  Sorry for the confusion.

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