Error 503, Server unavailable (Boss Placefinder)

Now that I've typed the topic title, I don't know what else to type.  Since last night I've been getting error 503, Service Unavailable from Boss Placefinder, and I have no idea why. 

Is the Boss placefinder having issues?

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  • Paul,

    I apologize for the time delay in answering.  Are you still having this issue?

  • No, but... I still feel the need for an answer as to what caused it.

    I have other alternatives for the software I'm developing, and those alternatives are free.  Yahoo's results tend to be more precise, but if the service I use stops working, my software doesn't work and that's unacceptable.

    I need some assurance of reliability so I know it won't occur again, or I need to switch.  To give me such assurance, you'll need to identify the cause.  Respectfully, "We don't know what happened but it seems fine now" isn't enough.

    I've only used it for a week or so... that's not a good record.  And this occurred after only about 5 successful queries.
  • Hi Paul Sorry to hear that you are having issues. A 503 error occurs when your key was rate limited. There are a few reasons that can happen which are detailed from the BOSS Geo docs


    Also, I recommend asking Placefinder related questions on the BOSS Y! group (http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ysearchboss/) since the team follows it much more closely.

    Let us know if anything else. thanks Rahul

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