yahoo pipes returns only the first element of the yql html output . the following subsequest elements are missing.

i have using the following yahoo pipe and when doing the debug loop => yql(ite.href) it returns the item,descripion only the first element of the html .the following subsequent elements are missing.when ran this yql query independently in yql console it returns all the elements.


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  • Hello,

    It is not a linked to yql at all, but happens at your loop/XPath Fetch Page module actually.

    Basically you have several results from that module, and put all of them as sub-feed into one node, but what will be outputed is a string, by default the first one.

    Now, the conversion from a feed to a string is a recurring interrogation with Pipes, as no tool are provided to do so. I explained a possible solution in this thread (just to the 3rd paragraph).

    Hoping it helps, Lolo


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