yahoo pipes caching question

I've created several pipes and I'm trying to find out what happens if they become popular to prevent 999 errors. Specifically how does Yahoo cache the feeds and is their anyway to preconfigure the timing of the cache?

In other words if I create a pipe does the pipe automatically become cached and are any calls placed to it served from the cache solely, not affecting the rate of 200 runs (of a given Pipe) in a 10 minute period?

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  • We cache Pipes for 15mins. You can not preconfigure the timing of the cache.

  • Hi Paul,

    thanks for getting back with your answer - the caching rate is fine.

    However could you clarify for me how the rate limits as I'm still unclear as to how it works:
    Lets suppose several hundred people decide to look at the pipe within a 10 minute time-frame, are they served a cached version, or is each request seen as a new call and it then goes over the 200 rate limit? If the latter is the case does that mean that the pipe goes 'offline' for an hour for all users of the pipe, or is a cached version served instead?

    Thanks for your reply.

  • They should get the cached version depending on their geolocation.

    We have several footprints (colos) around the world. So if several hundred are in the same country and hit the same colo, they will get the cached version. I can't disclose how many colos we have.

    Thanks -Paul

  • ok Paul, thanks for the clarification, many thanks for a great service Rohan

  • But does the 200 rate limit stand for 200 hits served from the cache or 200 hits that were not served from the cache?



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