new to all this

hi there, just a quick question is there any way to pull the posts from the "news & events" section of http://www.uorenaissance.com/ and make a rss feed out of it ?

thanks for any help in advance


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  • yes. But then again this is a help forum, not a pass-your-order-here. So 1st step, look at source code of the page (Ctrl+U on firefox), and look where this section starts. For this page, you'll find the separator is coded like this: <tr> [white space...] <td style="<border:1px> black" colspan="3"> [white space...] <center><img src="images/seperator_news.png" height="21" width="800" align="middle"></center> [white space...] </td> [white space...] </tr> basically your steps will be: fetch the webpage, then ditch all above "seperator_news.png', get content in-between "images/seperator"as items, extract relevant content from those items.

    I'll be happy to help with pipes when you run into trouble with pipes.

  • Hey thanks for the reply!!

    If you could give me a starting point I a sure I can work it out from there?

    Thanks again

  • well, I did: fetch the page, and get the content in-between "images/seperator" to item content. There is a search field that can, surprisingly, be helpful...

  • I had some time waiting for a build so I did most of it: http://pipes.yahoo.com/luneart/b93745a2a55735cd221120fd3b0c6587 You might want to format is a little more now, especially the description field (if it was for me I'd probably add a <table> structure and the <td> field for each row).

  • yes, you can. I would advise you to use a <media:thumbnail.url> sub-item.


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