how to substring a text field


I'm new to pipe creation and i've developed my first one.

It's a very simple pipe which reads in a url of an atom feed from an external site and then I use the resultant url of the rss feed as an output.


My question is that I want to limit the amount of text the description field returns from the input.

EG I would equivalent link this to a substring() command where I basically only want the first 100 characters of the field not the full thing.

If you look at my pipe link above you will see the "description" of each of the entries and the text each one brings back.

Can anyone help me alter my pipe to do this.

Thanks Chris

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  • Hello,

    There is a sub-string module (to be put inside a loop module) that would fit your needs.

    If you want to go further, you could also use regexes to limit the number of words, or limit the number of characters but without cutting in the middle or a word /sentence, ...

  • Hi ,

    perfect , thanks

    the loop with sub-string worked a charm


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