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I was directed to Pipes from Mailchimp saying they provide a service that would allow me to create one valid RSS feed from four existing feeds. I can't find any documentation on how to do that. It actually seems rather simple compared to what everyone else is doing with Pipes! Can anyone help me with clear instructions on how to create an RSS feed from four other RSS feeds?

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  • In the editor...

    Left sidebar > "Sources" > Fetch Feed. Drag it into the center.

    Each field grabs one feed. Use the "+" button to created up to 10 fields to grab up to 10 feeds.

    Connect Fetch Feed to Pipe Output.

  • Thank you so much. I followed those instructions all the way to Pipe Output. Where can I find the single RSS feed URL that we've created so I can use it?

  • In your pipes list click on the name of our pipe. In that new page there is a link for the RSS (Get as RSS).

  • Thank you so much, hapdaniel. I found the RSS feed and now my challenge is to get it to validate with the application I am trying to run it through. Thank you again!


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