added item property shows up in JSON but not in RSS version

I have created a very simple pipe to find the first image of any item on a given rss feed, then use its url as a new item property (item.imageurl).

The pipe's output is now working in JSON but not in RSS. in RSS I don't see any tag or the sort in any one of my items. It's basically a very simple pipe with a fetch feed then loop containing a fetch page module from the item.guid page (whic extracts the intended image url) and the assigning of first results to item.imageurl . That's it. Please help!

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  • Thats because you need to construct RSS items. RSS is not constructed automatically for you, unless you're working exclusively with RSS sources.

    ie. item.title, item.description are basic items that are needed for RSS to show up.


    Thanks -Paul Pipes Team


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