a.content is Inaccessible

I have Hyperlinks in the following Form:

<a href="http://{link}"><img src="http://{domain}/{filename}.png" style="vertical-<align:middle;>"/> Text</a>

The Problem is: I can see the Text "Text" in the Debugger, yet I cannot Access its value.

It is as if it does not exist (copy-wise, rename-wise, Value-Access-wise).

a.content simply does not return a value (nor is it renameable).

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  • hello,

    paste the link of your pipes. In general and for security reasons, yahoo pipes filter out links, so that might be your case.


  • actually I think it might be the bug with the XPath Fetch page module. Is it your case? if so, you might want to use the "to string" option, or the deprecated Fetch page module.


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