Why does this work?

This is my first time looking at Pipes -- trying to understand how this simple looking pipe works:


but the info panel shows it as using 5 module types and I only see 3 in the editor (no Rename or Loop), and what I look at as output in the editor for the modules doesn't match what the pipe produces when run. I cloned a copy to play around with but it doesn't do what the original does. Instead of a list item with a real link in the info panel all I get is a list item with a /pipes/null link.

There seems to be a disjoint somewhere between what the editor shows for the pipe and what the pipe does. What am I missing?


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  • Well, now that it's no longer Sunday, or--more precisely--that the Sunday comic has been updated for Monday, it'll be rather more difficult to see one of the issues I refer to.

    The pipe referenced above uses Regex to change the suffix of the file from 'strip.gif' to 'strip.zoom.gif', which is fine for every day except Sunday, when the suffix is 'strip.sunday.gif'. In the debugger you can see that the suffix for Sunday's file is never changed by any module, yet when the pipe runs, the larger GIF is displayed anyway. I see nothing in the pipe that would effect this change, as evidenced by the module output displayed in the debugger.

    So, any clues, hints, suggestions?

  • It works because the pipe has been published. Once a pipe has been published any subsequent changes will only be seen** in the editor** by the author.

  • So, if the author has made changes after having published a pipe, he/she would have to publish again in order for someone else to see what's actually being run (by anyone)? OK, I'm not sure I can see how that would be useful... mostly it just seems like an annoying way to do it--such a point-in-time state can make viewing/cloning a pipe a rather fruitless endeavor when you're trying to understand what's happening "under the covers"--you think you're looking at the "active" version, but you may not be.

    Well, thanks.


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