Why does Yahoo Pipes have no effect?

I am new to pipes. I wanted to do something that I hoped would be very easy: turn a rss feed with images in the content into a media rss feed. But nothing I do to pipes has any effect on the output.

So i created a simple pipe which seemingly would create an rss with just the titles and other parts. http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.info?_id=95b83a9a1211243cee874d6e5724c580

and first it just passed the whole rss feed through, and now it passes nothing through (The IDENTICAL CODE) but it has not yet passed the expected data through.

I have tried so many components and have come to the conclusion that yahoo pipes is all an elaborate practical joke.

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  • Hello,

    Before accusing the tool, mind your own inexperience. I'm guessing you were trying to do something like that: http://pipes.yahoo.com/luneart/386c4e94a2c0ad6cc631a51f5dd4c86d

    Use it as an canvas-example to adapt to your needs.

    Also, the community is there to help anyone trying, including newbies, whom ask most of the questions. I won't speak for everyone but myself saying that wanton disregard is not well liked, nor the best way to get help.

  • I promise that I was not fishing for someone to do the work for me. I am very grateful. Clearly you are right that I do not understand the tool enough, but I do know how to program in several languages and spent hours with this tool and with the provided tutorials and the results that I kept getting seemed random. I honestly thought that perhaps yahoo had stopped supporting the tool and it did not work anymore.

    Certainly I have nothing but regard for you and the community. Do you recommend somewhere I could use to learn Yahoo Pipes?

  • Hello,

    Maybe I got a little carried away in my previous message. Indeed, yahoo pipes help is partly out of date.

    To get fluent in Y! pipes, I'd recommend to try to build your own pipe, using the search field to get inspiration from other pipes.

    enjoy playing with it,


  • Adam, I found a lot of Pipes are out of date or simply do not work now as most seem to have been developed in the early days of Pipes (2007). Having said that though, there are still many that are much more current.

    As an illustration of the age of some Pipes, the Examples link lists 119 Pipes. Of these, all but 10 are dated 2007 and of the 10 which are dated after 2007 the most recent one is dated October 14, 2010. This, I suspect, is more to do with the Examples link not having been updated for some time more so than with Yahoo Pipes not being developed or used any more.

    A Google search for Yahoo Pipes will return a great many results dated within the last 12 months, and there are also a great many tutorial links from third party developers on the web.

    If you haven't already done so, read the Documentation thoroughly (http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/docs) and check out the Examples provided in the link therein (http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/tag.info?tag=example).

    In particular, if you are creating Pipes to Fetch HTML or XHTML documents and want to check out existing Pipes for how to do that, look for ones that were created after June 2012 as the Fetch Page module was deprecated then and replaced by the XPath Fetch Page module. There are still many Pipes which have not been updated for that.

    If you find a Pipe that suits what you are trying to do with Pipes I would suggest not to just stop there but to look for two or more that are similar as you will likely find that, even though an already developed Pipe will work, there may be another one which achieves the same thing with less complexity or a more efficient Pipe structure.

    Hope this helps.


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