What happened to term extraction service?

The term extraction service has just stopped working.

I use the term extraction service to feed terms into the titels of the pipe I use to process un sit-reps. You can see the feedburner version here: http://feeds.feedburner.com/Sit-reps-by-incident and the pipe here: http://pipes.yahoo.com/neilspipes/9d5f08a2b7a7ae5fbe72e9a0b87de8d8

This pipe is then feed through rsstogeo and into an Ushahidi deployment - Nepalmonitor.org

Without the term extracition service, each region's incident titles are indestinquisable from each other, which means that Ushahidi will only pull one incident per region per date.

I could try feeding up a sting based on the first few words, but as these words might be inconsequential, it is far better to display the first two extracted terms. When will the term extraction service be fixed?

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  • Hi Neil,

    This is a bug and will be fixed next release.

    As a work around you can use the YQL module and use the YQL search.termextract table to do the extraction.

    Please let me know if you need further help on the work around.

    I'll post back here when the term extractor module is fixed. (sometime next week).

    Thanks -Paul

  • Hi Neil,

    The Term Extractor Module is now fixed.

    Thanks -Paul Pipes Team


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