Using pipes has resulted in a site blocking MY IP ADDRESS for 429 errors

Starting yesterday I haven't been able to use...



...in my browser. The error message I get is:

Load Balancer Error: 429 Too Many Requests

Why did it happen?

It wasn't because of my browser usage. The only way I access the site in my browser is the way 99% of the world does - via my mouse and keyboard. I don't run scripts or code to access the site.

I know that a few of my very old pipes used torrentz.eu. I checked them today and I saw that they were generating 429 errors. I deleted them. I don't know if it'll change anything though.

The only logical reason I can see that Torrentz (torrentz.eu, torrentz.ch) blocked me is that my pipes 429 errors were connected to my IP address.



  • For every pipe I make - is my address given to the sites involved?

  • How can I go through my pipes (they are all unpublished) and find the ones that use torrentz.eu? I have no idea how many pipes I have. 100? Please tell me there's a search method. Don't tell me I have to click-click-click-click my way through my pipes.


Gee thanks Yahoo! It was so nice that you put "time bombs" into my pipes. How many other sites are going to ban me for 429s?


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  • hello,

    I don't see how your IP address would be embedded in your pipe. When a pipe is run, it's the yahoo's server IP which is querying the source, as shown by the thread on CraigList.


  • I don't see how your IP address would be embedded in your pipe.

    I'm not a programmer so the hows and whys are beyond me.

    A Pipes bug certainly wouldn't surprise me. I suspect a bug is to blame.

    Maybe I'm missing something painfully obvious but it seems to me that Pipes is to blame. It could be a coincidence but if Pipes isn't to blame - what is?

    If you don't mind a possible (permanent?) ban at Torrentz you could make a simple pipe and grab the page for http://torrentz.eu/searchA?f=testing and see if/when the site bans you.

    If I'm right I suspect they'd ban you pretty quickly. Within 24 hours? 48 hours?

    Pipes has no log files and I have no idea how long the pipes were generating 429 errors.

    I hope somebody from the Pipes team gives me a definitive answer if IP addresses are passed to sites by design or because of a bug. Sometimes the team never answers and they leave you in the dark.

    I googled a lot about Torrentz and 429 errors and there were hardly any results. Also, nearly 100% of the results I checked involved people spidering (etc) the site. One comment said people could be banned for accessing the site too much.

    Update: Torrentz is still blocking me.


    I forgot to mention that I can access http://torrentz.eu/ - of course it's pointless though. I can't use the site in any way shape or fashion.

  • To put you at ease, I did made the pipe, I'll check in a few days. What page do you try to access that give you 429 errors?

  • Testing...

    This forum is buggy. I can't see my posts.

    Oh, man does Yahoo suck! Good grief.


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