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Hi there,

I'm simply trying to shorten RSS posts (i.e. the description) to around 300 characters. I'm able to make this work to make each post 20 characters long, but I can't seem to get 300+ to work. The feed just gets cut off after about 160 or so.

I've tried this with Regex and with a sub string loop - neither seem to work. As far as I can tell, the problem isn't in the feed as it should be giving the total length of the posts.

The original feed is http://www.nzcms.org.nz/feed/?cat=5 (though I'm running that through another Pipe to remove images).

Any advice. I'm a novice to this sort of thing!!!



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  • hello again,

    as I said I response to your other post, there is no such limitation in pipes itself, and now I'm sure that your source provides only ~160 chars. (when I opened your link in firefox the description is limited too.) post your pipe's link!

  • Here is the link - http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.info?_id=6b3715a2e75564640ce566c68a7c58ec

    You'll see that this one has the two approaches, neither which have worked. I find it strange that the source is limited to only 160 as I've used it to pull the full content into other readers.

    Many thanks!

  • Hi Jon

    1) Are you sure the feed has more then 300 characters to bring back in the first place? Try doing a basic full return of the feed and see initially.

    2) One thing i've noticed with yahoo pipes is sometiems it takes ages to visually see the changes. For example in my pipe I did exactly the same as you and limited my decsiption field to 200 characters but then reduced it to 0 and in the design viewer it worked but on the main pipes page it was still showing the old results showing the 200 characters. Point is , you might have done it correctly just wait a while for the feed to catch up... I did my changes at 6pm last night and this morning it was up to date and working fine.

  • Hello Jon,

    Open up your source feed in a text editor: you'll see that the description tag is effectively limited to a certain number of characters. However the full content of the description is also available, uncut, in the item. tag in HTML format. So first thing to do is to copy that last field to description and work on that one.


  • the tag name was cut in the formatting: I was talking about the item.content:encoded tag.


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