RSS Feed returns Response: Forbidden (403) - Intermittently

Have been getting this error INTERMITTENTLY over the last few days at least.

I've been seeing it on the site I run (hosted on Squarespace) with the following pipe. http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.info?_id=b6ca3fdfc638a30c999ebb6aafdd17ca

I tried setting up another pipe to test with another site (hosted on Squarespace) with this pipe and also see this error intermittently.


Actual message received: warning Error fetching http://www.montessorium.com/blog?format=rss. Response: Forbidden (403)

Squarespace support team don't know anything about the issue but given that it's intermittent, I wonder if they are even seeing it.

Noticed another post with a theory that YP might be getting blocked by making too many requests from a single user agent. Not sure if that is relevant but does explain the intermittent nature.

Thoughts anyone?

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  • I agree with your theory, that Pipes could be rate limited to your source OR your source actually is having serving issues every now and then.

    When this kind of thing happens I tend to feedburn the feed and use the feedburner rss url to fetch the rss instead of the original source. Feedburner effectively becomes a proxy - providing caching and stability.

    Thanks -Paul

  • yeah I've also been having problems with this. I tried the feedburner idea but get the error . Weird thing is when i run pipe everything looks good. When i try the rss feed nothing works. I think i'm just going to stick with chimpfeedr. oh well.


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