Problem saving ERROR Logged


I was wondering if the pipes edit tool is down now. I changed my pipes and I cannot save it. when I hit save, There is a popup says, Problem saving ERROR Logged I have tried firefox, chrom, but all have the same problem. I also tried multiple pipes, and all have the same error when saving.

What does that mean?

Please help!

Thanks, Shawn

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  • Saving works for me.

    This might happen, if you open another tab in your browser and log out of yahoo OR if you login as a different yahoo user.

    Can you try logging in and logging out and see if that fixes the issue?

    Thanks -Paul

  • Thanks for your reply. I just tried that and it still not working. I have tried different browsers. IE10 is not compatible. Firefox 22 and Chrome 29 have the same error.

    However, I am using a proxy. I can try my home connection without proxy to see if that's the reason later.

  • I tried it at home and it works!

    So, it seems the error is caused by the proxy, but I still don't get it why you can edit the pipes on the editor, but not able to save it.

  • Im have the same problems all day.

  • Im using firefox newest version , no proxy.....weird beans.

  • it was firefox, I used chrome and it save I ALSO restarted my computer.


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