Pipe returning an unusual fetch error, wondering how to solve

I'm attempting to use a pre-built pipe to pull images from various subreddits on Reddit.com into a drop-box account. Every time I attempt to run the pipe, however, it gives this error:

No pipe results for Get Image Links from Reddit Posts copy.

This Pipe ran successfully but encountered some problems:

warning Error fetching http://www.reddit.com/r/aww/hot/.json. Response: Unknown (429)

link to the pipe in question:


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  • Hello,

    Your pipe works. I haven't got any error, maybe you modified it in the meantime. However, after seeing your pipe and the last regex in particular, I would strongly advise you to not embed raw HTML mark up as strings.

    Why not? because pipes will interpret it and you won't get what you wrote in output. Instead, use a new field. For example, your first line in the regex is to obtain this:

    <description> <p style="font-<size:xsmall;color>:#888888">Submitted by <a href="<http://www.reddit.com/user/>${author}">${author}</a> to <a href="<http://reddit.com/r/>${data.subreddit}">${data.subreddit}</a>.<br/><a href="<http://www.reddit.com>${data.permalink}">Comments</a>.</p><br/></description>

    This can be translated as:


    item.description.p.content=Submitted by <a href="<http://www.reddit.com/user/>${author}">${author}</a> to <a href="<http://reddit.com/r/>${data.subreddit}">${data.subreddit}</a>.<br/><a href="<http://www.reddit.com>${data.permalink}">Comments</a>

    This not even correct, but pipes cannot handle mid-text mark up (the <a>) so it's the best we can do here, and hope it works.


  • Hey, many thanks for that rather in-depth explanation. I'm a complete amateur in regard to programming; your comment may take a little while to decipher, but I'm nonetheless grateful.

  • hi,

    it's not so much programming than an object-oriented thought process: a webpage is not to be thought of as a long string, but as a tree instead, each leave being a markup. Hard to picture a leave in the middle of the branch which continues afterwards, but Pipes has the same problem ;)


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