Pipe ran for years now hangs when run.


I run the above pipe daily. Jun 6th, 2014 the pipe closed abnormally. Since then, every time the pipe is run it hangs displaying "Running Pipe". I took a quick look at the code and nothing appears to be wrong nor has it been changed in years.

Any idea? Anyone else having problems with an established pipe? RON

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  • hello,

    seems to works.

    however this is a very old pipe, running on pipe engine v1, so it would probably be smoother if you made a brand new one (thus in the pipe engine v2).

  • OK, if my pipe seemed to work for you then that points back to my machine. That is good information.

    Creating a new pipe in v2 sounds very reasonable and easy enough to do, so I'll give it a shot.

    Thanks for the help.



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