I would like to know how to do pagination to show the results of the pipe. I have, for instance, 100 itens and I want to show 10 itens per page. How to do that?

Thank you very much. Andreza

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  • Where are you going to show this list? You'll have to do the pagination manually via javascript or some widget that accepts JSON or RSS.

    Thanks -Paul

  • Hello,

    Thank you for answering.

    I will show this list in a web page: http://www.weegow.com/?K=73552 (it is just a draft, I'm still developing this page).

    Actually, the ideia is to show the list horizontally instead of vertically, as the dafault. And allowing pagination. Is it possible to show the list horizontally?

    Do you have some example showing how to do it via javascript or some weidget?

    Thank you.


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