Not sure what module to use to parse a url/query

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I am trying to implement Indeed's search engine api in my site. The thing is that I would like to parse/convert the results of the url that you see below into a rss feed, in the end everything in there is xml. I am not sure what module to use. I have tried with fetch feed and fetch data, but no output.

The url below is an example of a query to Indeed's xml index: http://api.indeed.com/ads/apisearch?publisher=6919189709409534&q=as_ttl=librarian+or+librarian+or+library+or+cataloguer+or+indexer+or+%22shelving+assistant%22&l=london&sort=&radius=&st=&jt=&start=&limit=100&fromage=20&filter=1&latlong=1&co=gb&chnl=&userip=

Many thanks!!!!


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  • In the Fetch Data module enter results.result in the Path to item list field. You may need to do some formatting but this should get you started.

  • Thanks Tobias! I get results now. However, I still get 'null' results when running the pipe?

    Could you suggest me anyway to format this? How to link the CSS or would I need a xslt?

    Thanks for ur help!!!!!

  • You need to use the Rename module to set a title, description, link. Those would be the minimum for a functioning feed. If you want to combine some attributes use a String Builder module in a Loop and have it assign the results to title or description.

  • I am afraid that I am doing something wrong and cannot get the feed done. I am using the Rename module (I never used before) and to do this I have checked example, but I am afraid that it does not work.

    Could you please see what I am doing wrong with it?


  • You have your Renames the wrong way round.

    item.jobtitle Rename title


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