Need to limit length of the description field

Hello, For some reason RSS feed displays the whole article instead of the summary. http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.info?_id=741d4cc02926bb2f8b3d4dd95a47be39 I have found some suggestions on how to use Regex expression in order to limit the description which did not work for me. I have used Auto-Discovery module to find the RSS link (may be something is wrong with the link) : http://developer.yahoo.com/forum/Pipes/How-to-fetch-the-second-auto-discovered/1373465832062-f70a406a-f793-4321-86d3-5ad6e8f10e01 could you please help. thank you in advance. Svetlana

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  • Regex module...

    In item.description replace <.*?> with 
    In item.description replace (.{140}).* with $1
    Check g for the first and s for both.

    The first regex strips the HTML and the second strips the characters beyond the 140th. You can get a little fancier with the first if you wanna keep certain HTML tags. Good luck!

  • Thank you! worked like a charm.

  • Hi there - I'm pretty new to pipes and am trying to limit the description to around 400 characters. It seems to get limited once it reaches around the 160 mark (i.e. it acts as if I've selected 160 rather than 400 as the limit). Any advice?

  • hello,

    there is no such limitation in pipes itself, maybe your source provides only ~160 chars?

    For more information check out this thread or that thread for the possibilities. For correct help, post your pipe's link!


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