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Does anyone know of a way to handle multiple tags per item? Most of my feeds have multiple Blah blah tags, and my pipes just skip them all on the output and these items have no tags at all. But it work well when items which have only one catetegory.

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  • Hello,

    actually your category tags are not handled at all. check this thread for the explanation, basically you'll have to change the name (using a rename for example). Also, the fact that there are several sub-items in your category field might lead to another problem, which the lack of feed to string tools in pipes, check out that thread for a workaround if needed.

  • Well thank for reply, Actually they were handled on my autoblog, tags were merged into one and seperated by commas. And yes, they appear on pipes output. But that's just example pipe. The fact is most of my feed source can have up to 30 category tags, The regex module is 10 rules only. What I'm trying to do is to simplify my regex and loop module. item.category.*, [0-29] or n... all of them failed. Any ideas, anyone?

  • hi again,

    My first point was not a shot in the dark: I opened your feed in a text editor, and no category tag were present, although it is now (and the pipe is still the same). well, good for you :)

    About your recurring question, an answer is in my second point. basically, you can either transform the sub list to a string either using a string builder in a loop module, or a regex module for item.anotherFieldThatYouCanRenameAfterwards which replaces $ with ${field.0}, ${field.1}, ${field.2}, ${field.3}, ${field.4}, [...], ${field.29} [ ][x][ ][ ] for 30 sub-fields max.


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