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Hello It is pretty useless to show you my pipe as there is only a fetch feed for now. I have a RSS feed, I want to add a text (actually I want to add [blog]) at the beginning of each item.title. Which function should I use?

Thank you pierre

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  • do a search before posting...: http://developer.yahoo.com/forum/Pipes/How-to-add-a-prefix-to/1383749928198-32c3d661-6a54-478f-a305-f0db86477a34 relevant extract: "there are several ways to do what you want. if you know the location of the feed and do not care about doing it manually, check out this pipe I made: http://pipes.yahoo.com/luneart/74c55d57334bfb8e9903bee03a81ced2 on the left side, for your first feed, I used a proper method of concatenating a location string with the title string. on the right side, second feed, a dirtier method using a regex that matches the whole title in order to add your location first.

    Now, if you want to automatize your pipe (ie, not have to go to the source to change/add feeds), you need to get the location from the elements. based on the only difference in your links, you can get something like this second pipe: pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.info?_id=7e8cc3482940cc52ddb355b9b2446e58


    [about the second prepend method (right side of pipe1): ] using regex not to match a certain pattern but the whole content, just in order to add a preamble, that's an overkill ;) On the left you concatenate string, a very basic operation. if it weren't the yahoo servers that you use to run this simplistic code, and you had a lot of such operations to do, you would go for the string concatenation."

    As you talked about a [blog] mark, I guess you want to append that only if the source is a blog, so you'll probably be more interested in the second pipe example.

  • thank you adidd_ex1 was very usefull it looks I need to learn some syntaxes to go further : the on I was actually missing was $1


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