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I am in desperate need of merging two RSS feeds. I have two items with the same title but with different descriptions. I want these two to be 1 item. I can't use the operator "Unique" because then it returns only 1 description.

Does anyone have an idea?

It would be of great help!!

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hello,

    For correct help, please post your pipe's link.

    I think I may have a way but a complex one involving at least 3 pipes. Post your link and we'll se if necessary. The idea evoked above would be, in concept, the following: in your main pipe, use the unique filter. After this filter, a new field, call item.y:repeatcount is created. Filter the items based on this field, along the line of "allow only items with item.y:repeatcount greater than 1`. Each of those items would then be fed to a sub pipe which would fetch the main feed, and only keep the comparable items. Then, back in the main, using either a regex (if the descriptions are not too long) or a string builder, you actually merge the contents. Finally, join those enhanced items with the standard ones and output.



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