Los Angeles Times Pipe Badly Flawed


The Pipe for the Los Angeles Times (above), is a mess. I've been using it on My Yahoo page, and it was never great as it mostly listed just entertainment new headlines. Nevertheless, it provided quick access to the Times' website.

However, since the launch of the new L.A. Times website a couple of days ago, this Pipe now shows only one or two headlines, repeating each one several times. At the moment it shows the headline "Josh Beckett still looking for first win with Dodgers" nine times, plus one other.

I lack the know-how to fix this, and I'd be grateful to anyone who can fix it. It should show the 10 top stories from the Times' website, like the Yahoo modules for the NYT and other news sources.


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  • I had a quick look.

    The pipe is grabbing far too many feeds. There's no easy way to count. My guess is about 50.

    Because there are too many feeds - there are far, far, too many items. When I checked - about 600.

    I assume it's also grabbing feeds that are dead (and might have died a long time ago). Dead feeds can cause bugs. Sites are total crap about maintaining their feeds. Figuring out which feeds are kosher and which are broken is usually a bad idea. See #2 on the list.


    Click "View Source". And then the "layout" button to make things easier to look at.

    You could fix it yourself. This is what I would do...

    1. Copy/clone the pipe.

    2. Delete the Fetch Feed modules. Just go ahead and get rid of them.

    3. Go to the Los Angeles Times site, find their feeds and make a list of the feeds you might like. Say, about 20 feeds at most.

    4. Back at pipes in the left sidebar find Fetch Feed module and drag it into the editing area. The module changed. It now only allows 10 feeds per module but you can use more than one module and connect them with the Union module. The pipe you're using uses the Union module.

    5. 20 or less feeds should be okay. But with pipes you can never be certain about anything.

    If you get stuck - post your questions in this thread.


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