Looking for someone who can develop a Yahoo Pipe that performs a twitter hashtag search and converts the JSON result into RSS

Hi -

I'm looking for someone who can affordably create a Pipe or IFTTT (or some combination thereof). The Pipe would basically need to do the following:

1) search twitter for a specific hashtag 2) convert the JSON result into an RSS feed with corresponding URL

If you can help, please reach out.



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  • hello,

    Pipes is enough. I've looked at twitter's API, I think it would be better directly scraping their website than using their API as it seems not exhaustive and requiring authentication.

    Do you want to search for all posts containing a single hashtag, all posts containing multiple hashtags, or all post containing any hashtags of a list? I can also make a pipe offering any of those possibilities but it would be slower and heavier...

  • I made 2 versions, with text or html content.


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