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I'm using a link shortner (bit.ly) in my pipe - (I send item.link through a YQL request to bit.ly) - but I would like it to only be shortened once, and not every time the pipe refreshes (which causes 1 long link to have many short links instead of 1:1). Is there a way to cache the results? Or possibly have the pipe feed itself so I could check if the link has already been shortened? Any ideas? Thanks

The (very complex and big) pipe in question: http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.info_id=d9c014fe6a79ac6d64583dceebffd424 - the shortner is right before the "pipe output" module.

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  • pipes caches data for 15mins. that time limit is not adjustable by the user and is set by pipes.

  • Ok thanks so much! I figured out a different way - bit.ly has an url lookup so I check to see if the url was previously shortened (via YQL)

  • great!


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