Invalid XML document. Root cause: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException;

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  • Basically, your problem is that your urls are not feed' url. Your first pipe/feed is the homepage of some website. There is a rss link on it, but it directs to this page: http://feeds.smartmoney.com/rss, so I'd say there is no rss issued from this website. You can use Pipes to make your own feed, using XPath fetch page or the deprecated fetch page, but not one of the fetch feed ones.

    Your second pipe/feed is just shitty. they use a non-standard XML format, which would not event be a problem, if they didn't also use weird urls in their posts. This what pipes is telling you. Try open your feed url http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tag/@education123/feed with an advanced text editor (I use kate). You'll get an XML file. Go to line 99 as pipes is telling you there is an error at this line. the trouble is that in a URL of an item they use a [...]&ir[...].html but in HTML, all &... is a symbol markup, and must be ended with a ;, but it does not.

    Your third pipe/feed the problem is very obvious: th url is of a webpage where you can choose your feed. if you want all/filter from all, use the auto-discovery fedd module.

    enjoy ;)


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