ICAL feed from Wiki Pages

Hi! Would it be possible to create an ICAL Feed (ics-file) the updates live from Calender data in Wiki pages like the following ones?

http://www.muenchenwiki.de/wiki/Benutzer:Dan-yell/Kalender-Konzeption/WikiExampleEvent http://www.muenchenwiki.de/wiki/Benutzer:Dan-yell/Kalender-Konzeption/WikiExampleEvent2


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  • PS.: of course the Wiki-Pages may have whatever format that suits to serve as a feed source. PPS.: This would be the first step to a collaboratively editable calender supporting tags - tag choice (and exclusions) can be used to create individual ICAL feeds containing only what you want out of the database.

    (To those who speak deutsche Sprache: die Oberseite der o.g. Links beschreibt das Konzept im Detail.)

    Please comment just anything, even if you see no chance to realize the idea!


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