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I'm a begginer with YahooPipes. I want to use it in order to follow new projets which might affect the environment on my country, I follow many sites.

I have many many pipes, not diffused, and Yahoo Pipes automaticly sort them by date of modification.

So I should have a look on each of the pages of "My Pipes" in order to find the one I want to modify.

Can I sort or filter all of my Pipes ?

I try to use the search mode with tags but it's seems to work only with the pulished pipes, not "my pipes" ?

Thanks Julien. Bird Protection Association

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  • Currently you can't sort them. But I use the "favorite" star to mark off important pipes and reference my favorites tab.

    Thanks -Paul

  • Hi, Thanks for your answer.

    I don't understand if it's a bug from my computer but I don't manage to star my favorite pipes. The star goes out by itself ! I also try to use tags or description in order to "sort" my pipes using this tag, but it's not working too, even with the pipes I decided to publish.

    Does tags are working for research on your own pipes ?

    Regards. Julien


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