How to parse search results of this page

I'm trying to find a way to parse the search results of this page: http://idefix.com

When I enter a search string (using the big text box at the top) a "frame" opens up with search results (try, for example, "turgenyev" to see what I mean); but I couldn't find a way to parse those results from the source. I wonder if this is at all possible. Any ideas?

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  • Hello,

    This website uses asynchronous javascript to generate part of the page (the results part). There is a lot of javascript in there, but I think it's the small bit of jQuery included lign 32 of the page's source that does the listing.

    I would have suggested to go and try to analyse that to find the actual call for the data, but while writing this I found and tested a much simpler approach: In firefox (and other web browsers, for sure) there is "web console" tool (in Tools/Web developer). Open it on the website, do the resaerch. The first logged call is the query to the catalog!

    Simply fetch yourself the data from that URL using the fetch data module for example, with fullresponse.1.response.docs as the path to the elements.

    For a more perennial use, paste the URL in the URL builder module instead. I'm sure lots of the parameters of the call can be dropped, and others tuned (the number of results for example). I'll let you do this research.


  • Thanks Lolo. I'm not exactly a Javascript expert, but I'm stubborn :) We will see what comes out of my investigation...

  • Actually with the second method you don't have to been versed in javascript at all, simply try to modify and/or delete parameters in the url builder module.

    yes, pipes is that wonderful :)


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