How to get a pipes output list into my own RSS feed

Here is the challenge. I created an RSS search alert on ebscohostgreenfile..it showed me the results of my keyword search and then it issued me a RSS URL for it. I created a pipe and entered this URL. The output has a pipes list, with 20-30 articles as the results....I want to get this into my aggregator, which is scoop.it....so I took the RSS URL that pipes issued me and loaded it into scoop.it....scoop.it allows you to enter RSS addresses and accumulate them...

Problem is, scoop.it has a different IP address than my home computer where I have my pipes. And ebscohost locks me down to only using this single IP address...

I want to get this pipes results list out of pipes and into my aggregator, in some kind of automated and scheduled manner, with a workaround to avoid the IP address issue...

At the very least, I'd like to get this pipes results list converted to an XML file, and effectively create a non-pipes RSS feed that stores the list somewhere (eg on a hidden web page), and lets me load the results list into scoop.it, which needs to read it like a regular RSS URL....

Make sense? Probably not, but if you have a solution, please let me know!...thanks

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  • Hello,

    well it doesn't makes very much sense, no, in the way that a feed fetched using pipes is fetched by the yahoo servers, hence with their IP: scoop plays no role here.

    I had a look at your source, it looks like a journal whose subscription is paid by your institution. If so, the access to the titles/abstracts is probably free, hence a lack of need for authentication/IP range. You should first try to have a look at the source with that in mind, if there is a public feed somewhere.


  • update: I just went searching for those rss feed on your source's website. Even for the "One-Step RSS Alerts" it would appear no authentication is required (as only title is included in its basic version, title+abstract at best).


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