How to add a bit of text before the URL and description?

Hello, I want to turn this: http://linktosomewebsite.com or this: linktosomewebsite.com into this: m<ytexthttp://linktosomewebsite.com> or this: mytextlinktosomewebsite.com

Basically, I want to add a bit of text before the URL. Please tell me how to do it.

Also, I'd also like to add a bit of text before the description, so please tell me how to do that as well. Thank you for your time.

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  • OK, I have tried replacing this


    or this:




    But both options simply remove the link and replace it with either "mytext" or "mytext1". I need the original link to still be there after mytext.

  • Hello,

    It looks like you're using the regex module to append your text, and you can (but use $1 instead of \1 - don't ask me why, that a Y! pipes peculiarity). However, the regex module has limits on the length of the input string, and using a regex operation for a simple addition is an overkill. Use a string builder instead, inside a loop module. Click on the + for a second field, write whatever you want in the first input field and the name of the field to append the text to in the second field.


  • Hello again, thank you for taking the time for writing that excellent piece of advice. I have followed and it works perfectly!


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