How do I get an actual line break into the Description

So I've done lots of manipulation of the description and have it exactly how I want it. I have the following double ## wherever I want a line break in the Description. Now I want to do a regex that replaces ## with... and then I don't know what to give as the replace option.

The content isn't html so I can't give it the html
tag. I don't want to see %0D%0A or \n or similar appear in the Description, I want the actual line in the Description to break.

Is this possible?

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  • hello,

    I suggest you try with the \n and the <br/> markdowns, see how it goes. What is you renderer? eg, do you use the pipe's badges, or a feed reader, or...?

    Basically I think you will have the explicit markdown, but they will be interpreted in the feed reader. If you absolutely don't want markdowns, I guess you can try to have several description sub-item containing a line each, but I'm not sure that the feed readers will be very happy with that.

    that was my 2 cents on the question :)

  • Thanks Lolo - I've tried \n etc, all that does is put n in the description. I tried \n but that's no good either. I do like your idea of sub items and I don't have to worry about feed readers as the output isn't for that purpose (the output is some BBCode for copying and pasting).

    I'll report back.

    Thanks for the suggestions :)


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