How can I use line breaks in a plain text description?

I used Zapier to create a kind of email-to-rss thing that I want to further refine with Yahoo pipes. The description of each item includes line breaks that are visible in the original email and in the pipes debugger. However, the line breaks disappear when the pipe is run or viewed in a reader. I believe this is because the description is in plain text. Is there any way that I can make the plain text line breaks appear when the pipe is run? Thanks. (I'd include the link to the pipe, but it's private. Sorry.)

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  • For anybody who may be wondering about this, I finally figured out a solution of sorts on my own. Using Loop and string builder, I sandwiched item.description between <body> and </body> to cause it to be read as html. From there, I was able to insert the <br> tag into key places of the description, creating the line breaks I wanted and making the whole thing more readable.


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