How can I mass delete *all* of my pipes?

The title explains it all.

I seem to have about 800 pipes. There's no easy way to check.

Why am I considering leaving pipes? See my other thread

Using pipes has resulted in a site blocking MY IP ADDRESS for 429 errors — YDN Forums



Apparently there are "time bombs" in any pipe you make. If a site wants to - they can ban your IP address simply because you made a (simple) pipe for that site.

Do you think I'm exaggerating? I'm not. Have a look at the simple-as-pie two step example.



  1. You make a basic pipe (that hardly does anything) for example.com
  2. The pipe generates 429 errors.

Example.com bans your IP address.


Don't believe me? Well, if you don't mind your IP address being (permanently?) banned by Torrentz. Follow steps 1 and 2 and use torrentz.eu instead of example.com

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  • Calm down. If a pipe generates 429 error code, it means torrentz.eu blocks Pipe's server, not yours, for too many requests.

    However, this pipe, fetching feeds from torrentz.eu, works just fine. Are you using "fetch page" or "XPath fetch"?

    And you really should include one of your pipes that generates 429 error.

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  • You can still access the site, so your IP is not blocked. It Pipe's server which gets blocked.

    Fetch their feed instead of their page, like the pipe I mentioned above. They do not allow bots crawling their site regularly.

  • You can still access the site, so your IP is not blocked.

    Ahem. You are wrong. My IP address is blocked. Why is that so hard to understand?

    I know what's in my browser. Look: http://i.imgur.com/AHkqj27.png

    And you really should include one of your pipes that generates 429 error.

    I deleted my Torrentz pipes in the hopes I wouldn't be blocked from the site.


    My deleted pipes scraped the page.


    If you want to give yourself a headache.

    1. Make a basic pipe (that hardly does anything) that scrapes torrentz.eu
    2. The pipe will generate 429 errors.

    If I'm right torrentz.eu will ban your IP address.

  • You explicitly stated you can access the site in your referring thread

    Blockquote I forgot to mention that I can access torrentz.eu

  • C'mon pipes team - how can I delete all my pipes?

    I asked my question 6 days ago.

    I'd prefer not to give myself carpel tunnel.


    Unamusing trivia - the other day - I'm not making this up - the delete buttons vanished. I want out of this place.

  • Aug 20, 2014

    It's been a long time now...

    C'mon pipes team you've been AWOL for weeks - give me a yes or no answer.

    Is there a one step method to delete all my pipes?

  • ekbworldwide, no. But I can delete them for you. Assuming your Pipes are listed under guid: SMEZORHY7TSRT3CHBZROGRIMHA

    Let me know.



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