How Often Does a Pipe Update Its Feed and Why Does It Only Show Me 2 Results at a Time


Currently, my pipe only shows two results at a time. I've never seen more than 2 articles appear each day. Also, how often does Yahoo Pipes update their feeds?

My pipe: http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.info?_id=e8a63851caa96224aced12bd92b0767c

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  • Inside your pipe, you have chained FetchFeed => Loop => Unique => Filter and then => Pipe Output. If you check inside the Debugger (in the low pane at right) you will see that you have many more items than 2 before the Filter Component : more than 20.

    But the result is strongly filtered by you Filter component : Inside the filter component, you have placed 5 criteria to restrict output result : you accept an item only if its description contains : "quest" or "boomi" or "kace" or "sonicwall" or "software".

    The only two items that was founded contain the word "software". That's why you have only 2 results at Pipe Out :-)

    For instance, if you add business as a criteria you will obtain 3 r├ęsults, etc ...


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