Hi everyone ;) i Am a new user :)

Hi, i am trying to start using this amazing tool!

My final purpose is to sync in only one google (or yahoo) calendar all my flats calendar (airbnb/housetrip/holidaylettings/wimdu/9flats) . Ok guys! this is my final purpose, but in the state of fact i can't do anything!

I try to merge two calendars (airbnb and 9flats) and export it (through tinyurl) but it doesn't work.

http://www.9flats.com/it/places/103491-appartamento-firenze-san_niccolo/calendar/ical.ics https://www.airbnb.it/calendar/ical/701052.ics?s=8efc4defce7a4b17d96e8b33bd60477d

I think that the problem consists into all day event . (every my event is all day) . Is it possible ?

If i check the icall output i see a strange date 1970 instead 2013 . Does Anyone know why ?

This is my ical output file : X-WR- X-WR- Output pipe link: http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.info?_id=f59ccba72a67e93b7d932d860a29fe53 available <UID:7fhyi8pitm7d--eq9if3t4ikpe@airbnb.com> DE DE : 07-06-2013\nCHECKOUT: 10-06-2013\nNIGHTS: 3\nPHONE: +1 520 349 0555\nEMAIL: jbraun@comcast.net\nPROPERTY: Charming Suite in Piazza Duomo Area Braun (KYNEQ5) Suite in Piazza Duomo Area <UID:21xalf9mym25-m7iosg4lsdk4@airbnb.com> DE DE : 19-06-2013\nCHECKOUT: 23-06-2013\nNIGHTS: 4\nPHONE: +1 818 585 5779\nEMAIL: markglick@sbcglobal.net\nPROPERTY: Charming Suite in Piazza Duomo Area Glick (HBRZYP) Suite in Piazza Duomo Area <UID:21xalf9mym25-tuyx4zn3doiu@airbnb.com> DE DE

Thank you very much



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