Google News Error: "Service Unavailable (503)"

Sorry for opening up a new thread about a problem that has been dicussed here one week before, but didn't come to any helpful result: https://developer.yahoo.com/forum/Pipes/503-error-in-Google/1403154025116-78835e48-8af1-403f-a5bf-5f2bce6917de

I had been joining some Google News search results delivered by a RSS file. The system had at least been running for more than a year without any problems. But for the last two days it failed.

This is my pipe: https://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.info?_id=7549c4118436bb77d6104a7b3ed7dc4b

For each RSS query I receive an error message now, like:

"warning Error fetching https://news.google.de/news/feeds?hl=de&gl=de&q=(CDU%7C%7CSPD%7C%7CFDP)+youtube&output=rss. Response: Service Unavailable (503)"

But: Requesting the mere Google URL by a web browser works properly. Only in my pipe the problem occurs.

I'm quite desparate because I need that merged RSS for my work. And I am already thinking about programming my own RSS merger, but that's much work....

Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance!


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  • Hello,

    As you can see here crawlers are now forbidden on this domain. It may be temporary, try sending a mail to google, see what they can tell you.

    I'd like to suggest a trick however: follow the procedure I explained on the last post of the previous thread and try fetching that URL using a robot (like pipe's for example!). If it works, you can analyze the URL and build similar ones for your inputs.



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