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How would I create a pipe that would create an RSS feed from a forum thread. I don't want to just get existing posts, I want the feed to include all new posts to the thread.

  • JD
  • Feb 16, 2014
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  • hello,

    welcome to this forum. This is a mutual assistance forum, to get answers from the community you'll have to start thinking up and building a pipe, then post its link here so members can have a look at it.

    meanwhile, have fun playing with pipes!

  • JD, have you searched for Pipes that are similar to what you are trying to do and which you could use as a starting point? Also, is it just one thread you are wanting to monitor?

    Specifically, check the documentation (http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/docs) and the Examples listed at the link therein (http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/tag.info?tag=example). Even try Googling for the type of Pipe you are looking for.

    If you can find something similar to the Pipe you are wanting to build I would start playing with that and, as Lolo suggests, come back with some specific questions.

    When searching for Pipes I would look for more recent ones. As Yahoo Pipes was developed back around 2007 many of the early Pipes are still around, however some are either not working either because the sites they referenced have changed or some queries no longer work on certain sites or the Pipes modules used may have been deprecated and replaced by new modules.

    The latter is the case with the Fetch Page module which was deprecated in June 2012 and replaced by the XPath module. These modules relate to the extraction of data from HTML or XHTML rather than RSS Feeds.

  • JD, I got a Pipe to work to pick up an RSS Feed for a Forum thread, specifically this thread you started.

    As you probably realized there is no RSS Feed for an individual thread and I assume you were trying to create one with a Pipe. The way you can do this is by using the Pipes Forum RSS Feed with a Filter based on all or part of the title of a thread from the Forum as follows.

    Identify the RSS Feed for the Forum in which the thread you want to follow is located, in this case the Pipes Forum. Go to the main page of the Pipes Forum here](http://developer.yahoo.com/forum/Pipes). If you use either Firefox or Chrome then download an RSS extension that allows you to detect a Feed on a web page you visit. These extensions also allow you to add the Feed to a Feed Reader if you use one. I suggest you do this anyway. When you see the extension's RSS icon displayed when you are on a Forum page then capture the link for the Feed.

    Go to Pipes and create a new Pipe using the Fetch Feed module and enter the Pipe's RSS Feed as the URL in the Fetch Feed module. Here is a link to a Pipe I set up to do just this however it does use a more recent thread to ensure content will be displayed. Add and set up the Filter and Sort modules as shown and modify them to suit your requirements.

    I did modify this Pipe to run against this thread however it did not return anything. I would suggest this is possibly because your original post and both Lolo's and my initial responses are now too old to be picked up. I will check it again after I post this response.

    Also, that is another reason to use an RSS Reader to preserve captured Feeds as running them in Yahoo pipes will not preserve them since Pipes will only look for recent entries each time you run the Pipe.

  • JD, the Pipe I created to monitor this thread does in fact work, not instantly as it takes several minutes, sometimes longer, for the published Pipe to output the actual RSS Feed. However the results can be checked immediately in the Debugger when creating the Pipe.

    I had another thought after my previous post and that was that perhaps you were wanting to monitor an entirely different Forum than a Pipes or even a Yahoo Forum. Whilst this was not clear from your initial post, if that is the case then the same principles as applied here should also apply to any other Forum as long as there is an RSS Feed available to the main page of the Forum you wish to monitor.

    Hope that helps.

  • Something else to keep in mind is to be careful with the text content you enter in the Filter module. With this thread it was easy as the title was already short but with some others I tested if the title was long it did not seem to work unless only a portion of the title text was entered.

    I'm not sure what the specific limits, if any, there are but it certainly affected Pipes I was testing. Using this rationale I had to be careful in testing to select a portion of the title text that was likely to be unique and not duplicated in some other thread so as not to return irrelevant results in the Feed.

  • Actually JD, the RSS Feed for the Pipes Forum main page is at the bottom of that page.


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