Filtering different rss, troubles.

Hello! I am trying to build a pipe, that filters content from different rss-channels using some keywords. This pipes randomly bugs, i have spent several hours trying to solve the problem. Could you give me some advice? The ID of the pipe is 51e1bd53f00bdf93f16c2be334924b56 . Thank you!

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  • Please provide the complete pipe link so we don't have to cut and paste to help you.

    You have WAY too many sources in your pipe, which will bog down the Pipe. If your pipe will not completely execute within a set maximum amount of time, it will stop. Remove all your feeds but a couple and see if your pipe works. Then slowly add sources. Pipes performance will slowly degrade as you load it down.

    Since you are truncating the pipe to a max of 50 entries, do the truncation BEFORE you do your filter. This will greatly reduce the processing power required for the pipe, and might allow your pipe to execute with more sources. Increase the efficiency of your pipe and your pipe will run better.

  • Take the


    out of your String Builder. You may want to add


    at the beginning to make the search case insensitive.

  • Sorry, that should have been


  • (?i) work only for English letters... :( Is it bug? Any fix?


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