Facebook Fanpage Pipe

I have a feed for a Facebook Fanpage:


Here's the default image that is generated from the feed:


I would like Yahoo Pipes to change the image to end with _b.jpg. This will give me a full size image instead of a thumbnail image.

How can I do this on Yahoo Pipes? I spend the last two days trying to do without success. I believe I would use regex to alter it.

Thank you.

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  • Hello,

    Please, do try before asking for help next time. In this case, you'll have a very simple pipe:

    • first, fetch the feed using a fetch feed module,
    • then, either a regex module as you suggested or a replace string inside a loop module (the loop module allows to apply a non-feed operations (like string manipulation) onto each element of a feed). select item.description in the loop module, then type in _s to be replaced with _b on last occurrence.
    • Finally, link the loop module to en output module.

    You can do even better by having the picture as the media content of the posts, simply using a rename and a regex modules before linking to the output.

    • In the rename module, from left to right: type-in item.description, copy as, and a dummy field name.
    • In the regex module your goal is to strip the description of everything except the image url. again, from left to right: item.[the dummy field name used previously], something like ^.*src="([^"]+_b.jpg)".*$ to select everything, but remember the url only, and $1 to replace everything the the url. Then, tick the s box to choose the substitute mode of the regex operation.
    • For simplicity's sake, use a third module: the create RSS module. it's not necessary to fill-in all field as your feed is already mostly well formatted, but do fill in the media:content section. in url, put the dummy field name, in type, put image/jpeg, the MIME type associated with jpg pictures, and optionally add the desired width and/or desired height.

    If you read up to this point, then let me try something. If it works, you can click here to show a pipe link of an example of what you asked, if it doesn't I'll repost. complete pipe

    ok, so enjoy discovering pipes!

  • ok, last paragraph is fail, pipes forum strips direct html down. hence, here is a link to a complete example of what I explained, but pleased try to make it on your own first, you'll appreciate that much more: http://pipes.yahoo.com/luneart/67c525ddcf97259b48b5e76f4afdef3a

  • Thank you Lolo. I tried to create it, but was lost.

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