Create your own RSS Feed from different Newspages which do not offer a "RSS Feed Service"

Hello community,

I need your help for a certain problem:

I have certain newspages I want to merge in one Feed while using Yahoo Pipes. These pages do not offer own RSS Feeds

Example links: http://www.bonfiglioli.com/en/company/news-media/news/ http://www.chste.com/en/news.asp http://www.brevini.com/news_index00.asp

I want to create my own Feed for these pages while using Yahoo Pipes. This feed should show the latest news of e.g. these companies.

Is there anybody who could solve my problem. I would be great if it is possible without using any third party programms.

Thank you very much Herbert

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  • hello,

    yahoo pipes is perfectly suited for that particular exercise, as long as robots are allowed on the website (check the their robots.txt).

    you'll want to use the XPath Fetch page module or the deprecated Fetch page module.



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