Create a string from an item sub element

Hi !

i'm trying to build a HTML to RSS for a forum. it's working fine for almost everything, but there's a little something (but important) i can't find how to do it !


You can see next to the Split module (at the bottom), i have a list of items, each item containing an URL (on current pipe I tail the items, so i only have one item).

What i want to do is extract the "page ID" from each URL so i can re-use them to rebuild the LINK for each feed item, but i'm really lost here...

i have the regex (below the split module) who extract the page ID, but i dont know how to re-use it on my final URL Builder for each item.

i guess the proper way to do it is to somehow insert the page URL into each item (when i use the Xpath Fetch Page "//table[@class='messagetable']"), so i can apply my regex for each element... but there too i can't find how to do it...

Any help would be very appreciated :)


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