Combining feeds based on a CSV list of terms, then modifying all feed results?

Suppose I've got a list of search terms from a CSV list, and I've broken it into items. Then I have a Loop -> URL Builder to create search urls against a site that returns RSS feeds of results Then I have a Loop -> Fetch Feed to execute each of the urls.

At this point I can either "Emit all", in which case my "data stream" going forward is just the combination of all the urls' results... or I can "Assign all results to..." which pushes the results as a nested node into my original list of urls.

What I want to do is modify the nested node of results, and set the title of each result to something like "(existing title) - (original search term)"

Then I want to combine all those separate nodes of results into a single RSS output.

I'm stumped - I can't find a way to modify the results' titles or combine them back into 1 RSS output.

Ideas greatly appreciated.

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