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Hi guys,

I would like to change the PubDate language from English to German. I published my Yahoo Pipes RSS Stream on the website imberuf.de and it shows me the name of the months in English.

Thank you

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  • Hello,

    I've looked around, but from what I read I don't think a way of manually setting the desired locale was implemented in either the date builder or the date formatter modules. This being said, the locale is probably set automatically by the language definition of the source feed (the <language>en-us</language> in the english case) which is a field of the feed and thus not editable.

    To force the translation, I would do it be "hand":

    • Ensure the month names and day names are not shortened: use a loop module with a date formatter inside, asking for the format EEEEEEEEE dd MMMMMMMM yyyy HH:mm:ss for example (based on the fact that I think that 'wednesday' is the longest name for the days and 'december' for the months)
    • Use a translation service on the whole date string, see this thread or clone this simplistic pipe

    Be careful though, I tried with a stupid comma after the name of the day at first and it didn't work. Same thing is happening on the google translate webpage.

    enjoy :)


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