Causing heavy load on server?


I use this pipe: http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.info?_id=e8235a93f90cfd38189a83ff688a8954 to have items from more then 60 rss feeds to one. Now our support department banned the pipe because it causes too much traffic/load on the server with the blogs. Does that make sense? And if so how can I optimise it. I use the content via feedburner and ifttt to have an automated tweet, not having to check all these sources and doing it manually

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  • hello,

    That your department is experiencing too much traffic/load is very weird, except if you work at Yahoo Pipes ;)

    However a good idea would be to feedburn the outputed feed also. That way feedburner would play the role of proxy and cache, reducing the load on Y! servers, and possibly your department's too (though I'm still as much dubious here :) ). That would theoretically induce a delay in getting "the newest news" from your sources, but as they are already feedburned...


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