CSV Parsing Limit?

I have a CSV file that contains ~ 300 rows and is ~30kb. For some reason Pipes doesn't read the entire file. I don't think it's a malformed file since sometimes it reads 200 lines and other times it may only read 170 lines when no changes to the file have been made.

Does anyone know if there's a limit to the size of CSV files that pipes is able to parse?

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  • Martin, I think the speed of server that hosted your csv file may be slow. OR you can reduce the no. of lines in csv is upto 100 only for various reasons.

  • I don't think that's the case. I've tried pulling from multiple sources (file server, Dropbox, Google Drive) all of which are extremely fast. It seems there's some sort of consistency issue with the number it returns.

  • Please supply a link to your pipe.


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