CDATA tags are being ignored completely in an XML file (which cannot be fetched via the Fetch Data module)


Pipe in question: http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.edit?_id=3b98f7a65d8f5b7bb24ea9ecbcb55cca

I want to extract the description tag of an XML file. I tried using the Fetch Data module but the result is: "Response: OK (200). Error: Error Retrieving Data from External Service" which, to be frank, is beyond my comprehension: Isn't OK a success reply?

Anyway I try to use the XPath Fetch page module. This can fetch the XML file, but the "description" as well as the "message" tags do not show up in the results. These tags have the form: <description><![CDATA[Some text.]]></description>

How can I work around this?

Thanks for any insight.

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