I'm new to pipes and not a programmer. I have been attempting to use RSS Feeds and automatically post them to word press as individual posts using various automated wordpress plugins - then i came across Yahoo Pipes which i do like. I would like to show the full content from rss feeds ON MY SITE and not simply have a link that opens up on another site for example the BBC News feeds. I do not mind putting links back to the original source or mentioning the original source but i would like the choice to do this myself. Can this be done with Yahoo pipes Basically use RSS News feeds - import the content so that it is shown on my site and then be able to delete all the links back to the original site. If anyone could advise this would be much appreciated Cheers Gus

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  • Hello,

    You should always - I repeat, always - cite your sources. This being said, you may achieve what you want by renaming the link field to something else and then use a pipe badge or the wordpress plugin dedicated.


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